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European House of entrepreneurs

European House of entrepreneurs is a two-year project, funded through the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme under the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation programme. The project started in October 2010 and will be completed on the 30th September 2012.
Project website: http://www.euroent.eu 
Project Online Training Centre: http://www.house-entrepreneur.eu/
Description of the project:
Europe needs entrepreneurs! In the foot path of the financial crisis there will be a great need for people ready to take off towards self employment, well prepared to develop their business idea in a strategic and confident way. Many young have great ideas that could be developed into new enterprises. It is however, for many, a huge step to take to become self employed and seldom do these people find out the strength of their ideas. It might also be so that the person that has the idea is NOT the person that is best suited to run an enterprise. The European Commission's Green Paper on Entrepreneurship clearly stresses the importance on strategic activities to stimulate entrepreneurship and encourage young people to run their own business based on their own or someone else idea. In the green paper the commission also points out that entrepreneurship not only is the driver for job creation, competitiveness and growth but also a vehicle for personal development and can help resolve social issues.
The objective of this project is:
  • to develop a product "The European House of Entrepreneurs" that will identify, train and
  • support young entrepreneurs and to prepare efficient methods for networking focused on international business.
The "European House of Entrepreneurs" will encourage pragmatic and practical training, simulations, role plays and sharp projects defined by enterprises.
The "European House of Entrepreneurs" will offer a series of tutorials based on best practices from the participating countries. Analyses will be carried out in order to find out what kind of support company owners in the participating countries would have benefited from. The level of the final product will be based on the EQF framework.
The "European House of Entrepreneurs" will use conventional, well tried methods as well as unconventional, innovative methods that will be tested in a pilot group. The project will contribute to the goals of the Lisbon strategy that EU should be the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world in the year 2010, built on social security and sustainable development.
  • Aspero Kompetens AB SWEDEN
  • Plantijn Hogeschool van de Provincie Antwerpen,
  • Ankara Milli Egitim Mudurlugu,
  • IRP Institute for entrepreneurship research
  • Emerald Marketing
  • Tczew Municipality
  • The Interreg Consult KFT
  • Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages
  • Bulgarian Development Agency
Contact person: Inge Verhaegen
International co-ordinator Department BM (Business Management)
E-mail: inge.verhaegen@plantijn.be

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