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About the tool

Effective and easy-to-comprehend business plans

With the help of tools for business planning provided by Tovarna podjemov, you can efficiently and easily create a comprehensive business plan. Its key added value lies in the financial planning tool that allows you to facilitate the compilation of financial projections such as cash flow balance, success, and status for the first five years. Moreover, the tool includes a guide to the key issues for the preparation of the entire textual part of a business plan, according to individual chapters and subsections, in which you can also include graphs, tables, and pictures. The tool is primarily intended for start-up companies that are planning for the first five years of the company.

More than 5,000 satisfied customers
This business planning tool has been used by more than 5,000 registered users, who are enthusiastic about its practical value. Using this tool, they prepared business plans for presentations to bankers, business angels, the Slovene Enterprise Fund and other such audiences. The tool is also increasingly being used as an educational tool in schools and among advisors for advisory work.

The key arguments for the use of tools

  • Automatic production and updating of balances for cash flows, success, and status
  • Integrated manual for making a business plan
  • Instructions for use as a practical case
  • Simple-to-use user interface
  • Graphic design of trends and seasonal fluctuations
  • Easily add or remove items
  • A copy of the tables and content is provided in various formats (e.g., .pdf, .rtf, .csv, .html)

Easy to get  financial statements, start-up companies
Easily adding, editing and taking items.
Graphic design trends and seasonal fluctuations.

Auto production and updating of balances for cash flows, success, and status 

The tools you need to plan your key business categories—namely, planning to sell products or services, direct variable costs, the volume of inventories of finished goods, service charges and advertising, planning engagement of labor resources, and human resources—are at your fingertips. All entries are automatically reflected in the balances for cash flows, success, and status as well as in calculating the balance of the value added tax charged based on the input and output of value added tax.

By changing individual business categories ("What if" analysis), you can observe the impact on key financial statements, thereby facilitating the design of the optimal mix of different elements of the business process.
A simple-to-use user interface

Information on any planned business categories (e.g., sales price of a product or service, quantity of sales, payment deadlines) can be easily entered into the prepared table. The data are automatically administered for a period of 5 years (60 months), with the possibility of correcting for each month. Monthly, annual, and five-year views let you review the planned amount. Dialogs and forms in which you enter planned data are designed simply, and content is adjusted for use by non-economists.

Graphic design of trends and seasonal fluctuations

Given the daily business practice, all the planned amount for the selected period can be administered for positive or negative growth rate or via graphical interface to configure and adjust the amount of seasonal variations.

Ongoing updating of the balance sheet, success, and cash flows.
Export results in .pdf, .xls, .rtf, .html, and other formats.
Integrated guide for business planning.

Simple additions, deletions, and editing features

Users can add, delete, and edit items via a simple, transparent, and user-friendly interface. The work environment is similar to other applications that are used in a Windows environment, making operations simple and fast. Easy additions and deletions (e.g., products, costs, employees) allows the user to play with different scenarios in the course business while keeping an eye on changes in the financial statements.

Export results into various formats

The tool allows you to export tables as well as the substantive part of your business plan into various formats (.pdf, .xls, .rtf, .html, and others). This will help you design your business plan and further edit it using your favorite program (e.g., Word, Excel).


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